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Thank you for your interest in a mentoring relationship designed to support beginning farmers. The OEFFA Mentoring Program exists to serve early career farmers (3-9 years) who either currently operate or manage a farm business on land that they own, rent or access in other ways, or who have prior experience doing so.

It is recommended that you print and thoroughly review a PDF read-only version of this application before starting to complete the online application. (Because the online application does not allow you to save incomplete forms or a draft, you may prefer to complete and save your hand written drafts.) The application consists of 28 questions and takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

Applications are received and reviewed on an ongoing basis. As mentoring relationships are made in response to the specific needs and interests of mentees  and the available mentors, a mentoring opportunity is not guaranteed.

Typically but not always, mentoring matches are made November-January. The Begin Farming Program Coordinator will be in periodic communication to clarify the likelihood that a mentoring match will be available for consideration.

When appropriate, an OEFFA Mentor is presented with a prospective mentoring relationship in the form of a Mentoring Agreement, which specifies the mentee’s learning objectives and proposed terms of the relationship. The mentoring assignment is official when the mentor and mentee have signed a mutually acceptable Mentoring Agreement that is then signed.

If you have any technical problems completing an application, please contact Rachel Tayse, Begin Farming Program Coordinator at or (614) 421-2022 ext. 213.
If you are ready to apply now, the next page will direct you to the application.

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