Sign the Petition to Support Beginning Farmers and Farmland Access!

Samantha and Mark Spigos

Almost 100 million acres of farmland will change hands in the next five years and in Ohio a large portion of farmland is leased by non-farm landowners with an average age of 68.

Beginning farmers face huge challenges as they start a farming career, and accessing land is at the top of the list. There are also many older farmers that want to see their land continue to be farmed and they face challenges transferring that land.

The Family Farm ReGeneration Act (HB 95) can help landowners and land seekers connect to make sure farmland is available for next generation family farmers. 

We need to send a strong message to the Ohio legislature that Ohioans support beginning farmers and want to see our state representatives help transition farmland to the next generation and keep our leading industry going strong. 

Sign the petition below to support the Family Farm ReGeneration Act in the Ohio legislature today!

WE THE UNDERSIGNED ask the Ohio legislature to take action today to ensure that farmland is available for a new generation of farmers.

As millions of acres of farmland will transition in the coming years; and 
The average age of existing farmers and farmland owners continues to climb; and 
Farming is an extremely capital intensive industry making it difficult for beginning farmers to get started; and 
Current landowners need help with resources and planning to sell or lease their land and equipment to beginning farmers; and 
The major obstacle beginning farmers face is access to land: 

Be it therefore understood that we ask the Ohio legislature to enact the Family Farm ReGeneration Act, a tax policy that incentivizes Ohio landowners to sell or lease their land to beginning farmers in order to facilitate land access, secure retirements, and retain land in agricultural production for our community and national security.

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