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Farm policy matters to the farmers and families who work to steward our land for future generations. It also matters to our communities who have a right to safe, healthy, nutrient-rich food, regardless of race or class. And, it impacts the land, air, water, and natural ecosystems that sustain us.

But, too often, sustainable and organic family farmers—and those of us who count on them—are under threat from policies that support farm concentration and industrial agriculture. OEFFA works to counter this by making sure the diverse voices of sustainable agriculture are heard and that agricultural policy helps create a more racially and socially just and equitable food system.

State and federal policies shape our environment, communities, and health whether we are involved or not. That’s why your voice is needed to make sure public institutions are accountable to the people and the planet.

Join us in working to create a future where sustainable and organic farmers thrive, local food nourishes our communities, and agricultural practices protect and enhance the environment. We are stronger together.

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OEFFA Farm Policy Priorities

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2023 Farm Bill

The 2023 Farm Bill will shape the future of agriculture for years to come. Join us in shaping this transformative bill so that it promotes soil health and climate resilience; increases investments in conservation, local food systems, and organic research; addresses corporate consolidation, and provides more support for beginning and BIPOC farmers.

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Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture provides myriad benefits to farmers, farm workers, communities, and our climate. Join us in working to maintain and improve the integrity of organic agriculture, governed by the National Organic Program (NOP), which is advised by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB).

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Ohio Policy

Healthy soils hold water and reduce run-off, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and help farmers build climate resilience and improve profitability. Join us in advocating for soil health legislation in Ohio, and learn more about the passage of the Family Farm ReGeneration Act and OEFFA’s other state policy work.

OEFFA Farm Policy News

OEFFA Launches Crop Insurance Platform

Centered around member proposals to make crop insurance fair, functional, and informed the Platform includes recommended farm bill actions and a video, featuring interviews with 15 farmers about their experience with crop insurance.

Key Marker Bills for the 2023 Farm Bill

This blog highlights the key marker bills OEFFA is supporting. They are broken down into each of our five 2023 Farm Bill priorities: increasing investments in local and regional food systems; addressing consolidation; investing in organic research; promoting soil health and climate resilience; and providing support for beginning and BIPOC farmers.

Nutrition Marker Bills

Our colleagues at the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council synthesized the vast majority of nutrition marker bills submitted as part of the farm bill reauthorization process. The Nutrition Title is expected to continue to encompass 75% of authorized farm bill spending.

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