Robust Standards Needed for Animals Raised Under the Organic Label

Thank you, Senator Brown, for your leadership in supporting the Organic Livestock and Poultry Standards Rule!

We, the undersigned farmers, ranchers, and poultry operators, know that all living things have intrinsic value. We demonstrate this in the way we work with nature to take care of our land and animals. We also believe that democracy belongs to all of us, and it is our job to ensure it meets the needs of the whole community.  For these reasons, we want to sincerely thank Senator Sherrod Brown for his leadership in supporting the Organic Livestock and Poultry Standards Rule.

Ohio’s organic industry contributes to the health of Ohio communities.

As of the most recent USDA Certified Organic agricultural survey, Ohio boasted 800 organic farms, representing 106,077 acres. And we know organic in Ohio has grown since 2021, when that survey was conducted. There are now 997 operations currently listed in the National Organic Program’s Organic Integrity Database, which circulate millions of dollars in Ohio’s economy. 

We are committed to working together to safeguard the integrity of the organic label. 

OEFFA members have guided the organic movement in Ohio for more than forty years. We see the potential for bolstered consumer confidence, safeguarded organic label integrity, enhanced animal welfare, and protection for organic producers who have been unfairly disadvantaged in the marketplace. We extend our gratitude to Senator Sherrod Brown for his leadership in supporting the Organic Livestock Poultry Standards Rule.  

Of Ohio’s 800+ organic farms, more than 232 are livestock and poultry operations who will be directly impacted by this rule, not to mention the many organic grain operations and certified handlers who provide organic feed. Then there are the communities who will be supported by responsible land management practices and the families who will be nourished by wholesome food. There is a lot to gain through the rule and its robust standards for organic livestock and poultry. 

Timely implementation of this rule is needed. 

We look forward to the swift completion of the Organic Livestock Poultry Standards Rule, which demonstrates a continued improvement in the culture of care for organic animals that is foundational to the organic movement, both here in Ohio, and throughout the globe. Thank you, Senator Sherrod Brown, for your leadership in this effort! 


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