Ask Your Members of Congress to Support the Local Farms and Food Act (LFFA)

You can play a role in creating local and regional food systems that are resilient, sustainable, and equitable by asking your members of Congress in the U.S. House and Senate to support the Local Farms and Food Act (LFFA).

In just a few minutes you can place a call and/or send an email to your members of Congress.

The LFFA would improve access to federal resources for smaller-scale producers and organizations, helping to catalyze investments in rural and urban communities that expand local businesses, create jobs, and generate economic impact. It would also support programs that provide families with money to spend on locally-grown produce.

“We support local economies best when we produce more in Ohio—whether it’s cars or produce or beef or flowers. Ohioans shouldn’t have to buy apples from Washington when they could get them from Geauga County, or vegetables from Mexico when they could get them from a farm in Tiffin. This will build on our success in past Farm Bills and make improvements to ensure Ohio farmers have the tools and support they need to sell their products in their own communities.”

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) – Sponsor of the Local Farms and Food Act



Local Farms and Food Act: Helpful Resources

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