This is YOUR Farm Bill, Too

The 2023 Farm Bill will shape the future of agriculture for years to come. Thanks to a delay in the reauthorization process, we have a final, critical window of opportunity to make our voices heard!

Action Center

Advocacy Tools

1. Find your members of Congress

Do you know your members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives? No worries if not, this legislator lookup tool helps you quickly find out who they are, and how to contact them.

2. Identify your farm bill priorities

Learn about how the 2023 Farm Bill can promote climate resilience, address consolidation, support beginning and BIPOC farmers—and more—by checking out OEFFA’s 2023 Farm Bill Platform. Then, dive into each pillar a little more by familiarizing yourself with our priority Fact Sheets. Each of them includes talking points, a call scriptsocial media captions, and downloadable graphics!

3. Get additional guidance for taking action

We’ve compiled three quick videos that cover Submitting a Comment to Your LegislatorUsing Social Media to Connect with Your Legislator, and Calling Your Legislator. To have the biggest impact, place a few quick and easy calls to members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives!

4. Remember: Your voice is important!

While it may be as simple as making a five-minute phone call or spending a couple of minutes submitting a comment, your action makes a difference. As a collective fighting for a food and agriculture system that’s sustainable, just, and resilient, we need farmers and members like you to share your stories and make your voices heard.

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